• Course on CTO

    On behalf of the Steering Committee of the BWGCTO, you are invited you to the 2nd edition of the BWGCTO Course that will take place on Thursday 19th & Friday 20th September 2019 at the Van der Valk Hotel Charleroi Airport and the CHU Charleroi.

    Progress has been made in the treatment of CTO, especially the last 5 years.With this meeting we want to share the latest techniques for those performing CTO and for those interested in what is happening in the field.

    More information on this course can be found through this link.



    If you are a qualified nurse working in clinical or academic settings and caring for cardiac patients within Europe, we would like to invite you to take part in an online quick survey called EXERCISE (EXplore thE Roles of CardIovaScular nurses across Europe) by ACNAP.

    Please take the EXERCISE survey now, it can be completed in less than 10 minutes on your laptop, smartphone, tablet or wherever you can, get internet access and your contribution will make a difference to shape the future of cardiovascular nursing together.

    Click HERE to start the survey.

  • Webinar Clinical Cases on Heart Failure

    Once again, the ACNAP (Association of Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions) organizes an interesting webinar. 
    You can attend it free of charge and learn more about the management of heart failure from renowned nurses in the field from Sweden and Cyprus. 
    Grab your computer and register!
    Learning objectives
        •Develop and/or test clinical skills on heart Failure clinical cases
        •Develop and /or test knowledge and clinical skills in assessing, diagnosing and managing cases in heart failure
        •Present two clinical cases on acute decompensated heart failure and on the management of chronic heart failure
        •Learn useful and evidence-based practical information on the care of heart failure patients from an acute event 
         to the management of chronic heart failure
        •Learn how to develop evidence-based algorithms or pathways for the care of patients with heart failure
    Free for everyone
    Register here
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